Normal Dog Body Temperature. Dog Sleeping

One thing that is very important for all mammals is to maintain their normal body temperature at an adequate one. The thermal receptors that are spread around a dog's body allow the dog to know when it is getting too cold or when it is getting too hot, which therefore tell the dog he needs to take action in cooling down or heating up.Just like humans, dogs love lying in the sun to get warm and just like humans they can also get sunburned so watch out. Another thing they also enjoy finding is a shady spot to freshen off in. Excessively hot or cold weather can be very dangerous and cause a lot of problems to a dog. Because of this factor, it is very important we put a lot of emphasis on thispoint to ensure the dogs safety.

Sleeping Dogs

Dog trying to get comfy: Dogs really enjoy feeling completely comfortable when sleeping and it is impossible if they do not have access to a soft place or if their bed is to lumpy etc. Before laying down, a lot of dogs turn around in circles in order to get rid of any protuberances or lumps on their bed.If you notice your dog is not comfortable in his bed, try to help him out by rearranging his bedding so that it soft and comfortable. Once your dog finds a comfortable position he will be able to relax enough to sleep and prepare himself for anther fun packed day tomorrow.

Off limits sleeping place: One place dogs seem to have a real weakness for is their owners soft and plush couches. Dogs absolutely love resting and napping on them because they are so soft and comfortable. Unfortunately for them, the owners of these dogs usually have another place for the dogs to sleep in and the dog must learn to stay where the owner wants. You can almost see the guilty look on a dog's face when he lies on a couch he is not supposed to.

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