Dog Breed Characteristics

Characteristics of dogs: Within the great variety of genetic characteristics that determine the behavior of different dog breeds, there are great differences when it comes to their personalities as individuals. There are some dogs that get easily excited and that transform very easily while there are others that seem to be indifferent and resist emotions. Each individual dog has its own character and there are a large variety of types. Some are shy, aggressive or emotional and this obviously has to do with experiences they had in their early lives, the environment they lived in or physiological genetic factors. There are some very sensitive dogs that can develop phobias especially when they are put through strong emotional pressure. Aggressive dogs tend to be very active and attentive to everything. If their aggressiveness is something uncontrollable it can be due to a nervous weakness that makes the dog nervous because of fear. There are also very lazy dogs that spend hours sleeping and that seem to not have any energy. They seem to live monotonous lives and do not receive or assimilate information from the exterior and this happens when they are not allowed to develop a normal amount of intelligence. Some dogs are very quiet but curious and they are able to remember a lot of things about their environment which then increases their intellectual level. It's evident that some dogs are smarter than others. We are able to see this in dogs that have gone through training programs. It has also been seen that dogs that come from parents that were trained have more mental efficiency and a better disposition to work. This condition is genetically passed on by their parents. Remember that not all dogs are able to do the same type of work that others are. As the owner you will have to choose according to the characteristics of each dog. Within the great amount of breeds you will need to pick out which dog or dogs are genetically conditioned for certain functions and specific needs.

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