Dog Breed Characteristics

Dog characters: All of the components of the "Canis familiaris" have a certain disposition to live together in community. Some dog breed have characteristic that are more so than others and they live according to different social codes. The wolf leaders are those that are the most marked and stand out because they are strong and are treated special. They rarely mingle with other groups and they mark their territories with their urine, feces and odors let off through their anal glands. It is difficult to define all the compositions of the whole "Canis familiaris", they have similar traits. All of them are carnivorous with similar characteristics. Their teeth are composed almost the same, with incisors, premolars, and molars to cut, rip and chew their food.Their front legs have five feet and the posterior four with solid firm nails. Their nails do not contract like those of felines. However, there are some differences in particular. A female wolf goes into heat at the end of her second or third year, and it happens only once a year, whereas most female dogs go into heat during the first eight to ten months of age every six months or twice a year. The gestation period of wolves and dogs is similar and lasts any where from sixty two to sixty eight days with litter of three to twelve cubs or puppies who are totally dependent on their mothers and their eyes and ears are shut until they are approximately twelve days old. Investigations have also shown that dogs belong to a group that can make interesting combinations by using different canine breeds. This capacity along with all of the physical and particular differences found in canine breeds is not found in any other mammals, in this way wolves differ completely from dogs.

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