Dog Breeder VS Dog Types

For a start we must explain to the dog breeder what is the work we want the dog to do (exhibitions, company, sports, etc); we must describe him accurately the house where we live and the garden; if we have, we must talk to him about the members of the family, everyone's character and their ways of life. All this information is important for the breeder, which will try to give you the most adequate puppy in each case.We must always ask to be presented to the puppies' mother. Probably the father does not lives there; so ask for a photo or if possible a video. We must watch the esthetic characteristics, character and health of the mother; obviously after lactation is not in her best moments, but doesn't' mean it will leave her much weaker. An excessively weak mother will have weak puppies. If we are looking for a working or exhibition dog ask him to show you the results of the parents in these fields. We also have to be informed about the hip dysphasia grade of the parents (a serious pathology affects many canine breeds). Being born from non dysphasic parents is not guarantee of normality of the hip, though, on the contrary, being born from dysphasic, though slight ones, increases greatly the possibilities. Also, let's ask about ocular problems, like juvenile cataract or retina progressive atrophy, which are hereditary.

Regarding psycho physic characteristics, we must know that the product of two magnificent dogs, not necessarily will become a magnificent one. But the opposite is a certainty: the product of two mediocre dogs, will surely be a mediocre dog, except few exceptions. When the puppy is elected, don't forget to take with you some food for him (so you don't change anything), and ask him to let us pass a dud, a towel or a small mantle by the interior of the place where he has been living. This way, we'll take home an odor familiar to him, which will help us very much on the first night.

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