Dog Breeds: Beagle Information

Dog Breeds: Beagle: The Beagle is a strong healthy dog that because of its high level of intelligence takes well to advanced dog training and excels in competitions. It has a great character, is fantastic with children and is intelligent, affectionate and faithful. On occasions the Beagle will take off and not return for a good length of time after which it will sometimes be more difficult to handle. Some good training is normally all that is necessary to help to solve these problems. This breed finds its origins in the British Islands where from the beginning is has been used and to this day is still used for small game hunting. The Beagle loves water. Since it is by nature a hunting dog it revels in running freely playing and tracking down scents. But it also can do well living at home as long as it is given plenty of regular outdoorexercise and or walks.

Questions and Answers:
We want to find a companion for Scooter our Jack Russell Terrier that is 9 years old. Since our beloved pet is now quite advanced in age we don't want a dog breed that is going to have any problems fitting into the household. Someone suggested getting a Beagle but we wanted to make sure.
A: Well for one thing any dog regardless of breed can experience problems when entering into a new house. For this reason we recommend that you get a puppy so that it learns from the very beginning how to fit in. As far as breeds go Beagles are some of the easiest going when it comes to other dogs and do well as companion dogs not only for humans but also for other canines.

Unique Needs: This breed has no need for specialized care as it is cleans itself and prefers to be clean. It also doesn't require much care from the veterinarian to stay healthy and in tiptop shape.

Temperament: Though used extensively as a hunting dog in many countries the Beagle is a very agreeable companion and does well with children. Also lives peacefully with other animals, especially farm animals.

Genetic Defects: Epilepsy: This problem is very frequent in some pure breeds but non-existent in others. The dog will suffer from these attacks suddenly. Normally the dog recovers quickly, although sometimes the animal might remain motionless and disoriented for several hours after the attack. This sickness is usually controlled by anticonvulsive medications.

Average Height:

Male and Female: 33 to 40 centimeters

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