Dog Breeds: Collie Information

Dog Breeds: Collie: Perhaps the most beautiful of all the shepherd dogs this breed is extremely loyal to its masters and will watch over their possession with a passion. In recent years the Collie has become a common sight in households and due to the fact that it is affectionate and intelligent this dog does very well with families that have children. One of the oldest breeds of "herding" dogs this dog is still used extensively by shepherds in many different countries. Docile and trainable the Collie is used for police work, rescue work and as guide dogs for the sight impaired. It also makes for a great companion or guard dog. They will as happily live on your living room floor, as outside in the yard and they need lots of vigorous exercise. Because of the large amount of hair in their coats it is important not to over exert them during the heat of the day. Early mornings or evenings are the best time to exercise them when the weather is especially hot.

Questions and Answers:
My collie, Misty loves rolling in garbage or mud and every time we go out to the park she seems to manage to get dirty. I have been told that it is not recommended to wash Collies but I am not sure what to do.
A: Bathe her please. Just be sure to use a shampoo and conditioner that have been especially formulated for Collies as they have certain oils that naturally occur in the hair of their coats that help to protect them from the elements.

Unique Needs: Its thick coat needs regular care and grooming especially during shedding season. Though it has a hairy coat it usually remains quite clean and it shouldn't require a bath more often than once in a while.

Temperament: Is an excellent companion dog that sweet, well behaved and loves children. Is a good guard dog as it has an instinctive distrust of strangers. It is very important to train the Collie well and to make sure that it doesn't become overly willful.

Genetic Defects: Progressive degeneration of the Retina:
A hereditary problem that can cause complete blindness in some dog breeds. There is no known cure for this problem or effective treatment. The problem is detected by giving the puppy (or dog) specialized tests. Dogs with this problem should not be used as breeders.

Average Height:

  • Male:56 to 61 centimeters and 21 to 28 kilos
  • Female:51 to 56 centimeters and 18 to 26 kilos

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