Dog Breeds: Siberian Husky Information

Dog Breeds: Siberian Husky: Very adaptable this breed can do well in almost any climate and can withstand temperatures as low as -50 C. Loyal, obedient, intelligent and friendly, this breed is not meant to live alone and needs to be around either human or dog companions and if not becomes sad, misbehaved and sickly. They make good workers but not good guard dogs. Happy and hard working they need lots of vigorous exercise burn off the excess energy they possess. If they don't get sufficient time playing and running the Siberian Husky has a bad tendency of running away. This ancient breed of Nordic origin was and is still used as a sled dog, hunting dog and companion dog. The Husky is used extensively nowadays not only as a work dog but also in sledding competitions.

Questions and answers
We are all very athletic in our family and we enjoy running and playing outdoors. We are thinking about getting a dog and we were told Siberian husky's are great sport dogs. Is this true?
A: As you may notice by the name of these dogs, they aren't. These dogs were made to live in cold climates and they are not fond of just any type of sport. The sun and heat weakens them and if they overheat they can even pass out. If your family likes being outdoors, your best bet is to get a Labrador or a retriever.

Unique Needs: Especially during shedding (when they lose their thick undercoat) they need to be brushed regularly. The hair that grows in between their toes need to be trimmed from time to time. Has a strong predisposition to becoming fat.

Temperament: While the Siberian Husky is a fantastic work dog it is hopeless as a watchdog or for personal defense. Because of its instinctive and physical characteristics this breed does not do well in apartments, small enclosed spaces or living with people that are only able to take it for an afternoon walk. Doesn't do well with other domestic animals or children, but it is not aggressive.

Genetic Defects: Hemophilia A: This is a blood-clotting problem that causes hemorrhages that are practically impossible to stop. Although it is not common, husky's can get it.

Von Willebrand syndrome: Hereditary illness of the platelets, which causes sudden hemorrhaging for no apparent reason at all.

Average Height:

  • Males:53 to 60 centimeters and 28 kilos
  • Females:50 to 56 centimeters and 23 kilos

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