Dog Caresses and pets for dogs petting.

We tend to pet the dog's head by instinct, but this is a sign of control, although dogs know exactly what it means it doesn't always express what we want to say. There are other pets that are much more affectionate. It is important they express their feelings: if they lick our hand we must allow it.

  • With the tip of your fingers pet their cheeks.
  • Caress under the jaws.
  • Caress the neck and under the snout.
  • Pas your fingers lightly over their snout, like scratching it.
  • Caress their chest.
  • Scratch behind the ears.
  • Softly pat their back and caress it. For dogs this is a brotherly sign, this is where other dogs pat each other when playing.
  • Place an open hand on their back or belly and keep it there for awhile.

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