Dog Carrier Airline

The importance of checking thoroughly with the dog carrier airline which you will be using for transporting your dog can not be emphasized enough. Too often people show up at the airport only to have last minute problems with the dog carrier airline. True the airlines can often be very difficult to work with as you might receive contradictory information or just encounter check in staff on a bad day. But generally if you are careful to get all the information before hand and follow it thoroughly you shouldn't have too many problems. A friend of mine once showed up to take Dog Carrierher international flight with her dog in a carrier only to have the airline tell her that her carrier was slightly to tall. Since it was outside ofregulation height she was not able to take it in the plane as carry on but instead had to book it as cargo. This of course caused her much undue worry for the duration of the whole flight. Not only this but when she arrived in her destination country the poor dog was put into a warehouse and my friend was not even able to see her for three days. The extra cost and anguish which she suffered could have been most likely avoided if she had been more careful in following the rules and guidelines provided for dog owners. Thankfully most people don't have such traumatic experiences while traveling by plane with their dogs. But it is always best to be overly cautious than have an unfriendly shock when arriving to board your dog carrier airline.

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