Dog Cataracts

Your dog has grown old and, with proper lighting, you can notice that his eyes, apart from being a bit darker than before, have a sort of frosty glow. Apparently, he sees quite well and shows no sign of pain. This is, without a doubt, cataracts (Clouding of the natural lens of the eye). This affliction regularly appears in aging dogs yet rarely present any problem. Their orientation is primarily determined by their sense of smell, with the help of their tactile nasal hairs. There are specialized clinics which perform cataract operations on dogs. But from where I'm standing, I would only prescribe the operation if the dog is extremely annoyed and in relatively young animals. This clouding of the eye can be put off by means of preparations which delay the aging process.

Queratitis – Inflammation of the Cornea: This type of conjunctivitis is very rare. Due to unknown reasons, the tear flow disappears and the eye begins to dry up and swell. You can try pouring a liquid simulating the tearing process. The other alternative is a complicated operation. Additionally, there is also a whole combination of afflictions to the eye, for example lesions (especially in dogs with bulging eyes), tumors, glaucoma and many others.

Important: The treatment must be under consent of your veterinarian. Self medicating will only result in more damage.

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