Dog Coat and Skin Care Products

It's very important to pay special care and attention to the products you will be using on your dog. If you are not sure about what type of shampoo or product to use, ask your veterinary to help you out. There are many different types on the market so ask if you are not sure.There are different types of astringents that are used to get rid of seborrhea and that bring back equilibrium to excessively greasy coats. It's very important though to be very careful when using these types of products and to follow the veterinarian's indications when diluting them. Make sure to not use them too much as they will cause problems and can actually cause a contrary effect then the one wanted, such as an overproduction of sebum.

If your dog gets fleas the best option is to get a special shampoo that will get rid of them. However it is not advisable to use this type of product for every day baths since this type of shampoo cause problems to the dog's skin if used excessively. There are also dog shampoos that have shampoo and conditioner and which can be useful to make the bath a simple session. This type of shampoo is best used on dogs with short hair. If your dog has long, dry or weak hair it's preferable to use both a shampoo and conditioner separately. There are also special shampoos for dogs with wiry hair that are appropriate for breeds like Terriers and Schnauzer's.

Finally there are also dry shampoos that are used in between baths or for times when the dog is not supposed to get wet such as in the cases of very small puppies or older dogs. These types of shampoos are quick and easy to use. Most professional dog shampoos are sold in concentrate so they must be diluted before using them and it's very important to follow the directions.

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