Dog Commands Train Dog to Jump "In the car!"

The dog must be familiarized with a couple of rules related to getting in and out of a car: getting in (it must know when to and when not to. In the case a stranger will try to trick it by making it get in its car), and getting off (to not put anyone in danger in case it gets off in the middle of the traffic).

Training: Before it getting into the car, it must stay still for a minute, having the doors of the car open. Tell it to "stop!", and as a visual signal, put hand in front of its face. On the order of "jump!" it'll be free to jump in the car. It is very important that the dog feels it has to be authorized and not jump in without the orders of "stop!" and "jump!".

And vice-versa, use the exact same procedures in getting off; first open the door and give it the order to "stop!" and then the dog comes out at the order of "come!"

For a dog that's used to the car, it's an extension of its domain and will defend it against strangers. A dog that spends a lot of time in the car, will also be lonely in the house.

All these indications make the dogs' education easier until it's capable of being a calm member of the household.

The "follow me!" is very useful when doing training exercises because it lets you act on the dog without using violence. Its placed in a way that when the dog pulls the leash it puts pressure on its muzzle.

Some dogs like the Golden Retriever, are playful by nature. The dogs are capable playing with themselves if they have an appropriate toy.

Playing with the dog

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