Dog Commands "Let go!"

This order is used for the dog to let go, right away and without complaining, of whatever it may have in its mouth, be it a bone, toy or anything else. This is contrary to its nature, but can be get to be a danger in the future. Think if it should bite on a sharp bone, piece of plastic or a poisoned lure. It's easier to get the dog used to this exercise when it is still young.

Training: out on a walk with your dog, it must obey and react to "let go" when it's put something in it's mouth, instantly take it away from it. If it growls at you, grab hold of it's muzzle and slightly press its lips against its teeth, obligating it to let go of it prey, with the words "let go!". You cannot forget to praise it for this. Repeat this exercise over and over until it gets it right.

An option: in compensation, give it a treat for detaching itself from its prey.

If the dog uses the tactic of escaping to get out of this, tie it up, in a way that it will stay in the boundaries of it's owner.

This exercise has to be well dominated, for the struggle to get the prey away from a older dog, is much harder than when it's still a puppy.

Dog Commands"No!"

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