Dog Commands "To your place"

With this saying you order the dog to go to it's basket or designated place and stay there.
Training: it's better if the dog goes there on its own will; you then say "to your place!" and reward it when it does. This order can be accompanied by a visual signal, with your arm outstretched and pointing in the direction of where your leading it to.

If the dog refuses, the trainer will then take it to it's place and go over the exercise of "laying down!" and then of "stay!".

According to the situations in which you'll find yourself in, your tone of voice will change, in giving the dog the orders of "to your place!", from a softer to a more energetic one. With your left hand, hold the dog down, then slightly move your hand away but keep it in the same position over it. Then move away from the dog, while still saying the word "quiet!", making the visual signals with the palm of your hand.

"Come here!"

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