Puppy Dog Communication Communicate

As Dog Communication has been studied more thoroughly it has been discovered that dogs can in fact communicate between themselves and this means that the domesticated house dog is amazingly predisposed to be able to communicate many things and feelings to its masters. Dogs do not use words as their primary means of vocal communication but rather barks. Compared to the spoken languages of humans barks are a very primitive means of communication but we should mention that a newborn also cannot communicate with words but rather uses noises to get our attention and tell us what it wants. In a similar way dogs use different sounds and body language to speak both with each other and to some extent humans. Some of the most common ways they communicate is through barks, howling, and whimpering. Dogs and puppies express the feelings and emotions they are feeling at the moment by adopting different postures, showing their teeth, moving their ears, raising their foot, when their hair stands up, by moving their tails, swollen stomach etc. When a puppy or dog feels sick he lays down in a way the owner can realize he is not feeling well. Their whole face changes, their eyes become glossy and in depending on the way they are feeling, they can either express a lot of love or extreme dislike. A dog that is expecting something is easily recognized by the way they put their heads to the side with their ears standing straight up, which is a definite signal of expectation. An angry or annoyed dog will growl and show all of his teeth and the hair behind his neck stands up. When a dog or puppy yawns it is usually a sign of boredom and tiredness. It usually means that there is nothing around that stimulates the dog or catches his attention.

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