Dog Competition. Horny Dogs. Dog Territory Marking

May the best dog win: Dog Competition between male dogs that live in the same place is very strong. A lot of times male dogs try to get rid of the other ones to be the one who can mate with the available females. Way before male dogs come face to face with one another, they will already be aware of the presence of other male dogs that are around because of the olfactory messages they leave around. A male dog responds to these odors by leaving his own odor hoping his rivals will discover through the smell that he is stronger and the dominant dog of the area.

Horny Dog

I've got to get there: When a dog gets horny, not even a dog fence can stop a male dog determined to get to a female dog in heat. Many male dogs resort to digging a hole under the fence to get out. Male dogs are able to smell the pheromones that a female dog produces while in heat even at a distance of five kilometers. Don't be surprised if you see a female dog surrounded by a bunch of male dogs when she is in heat. Male dogs that have not been neutered go at long distances to find a female dog in heat. Even when they are not able to find any within their area, the urgency to mate is very strong and it can lead them to travel at great distances until they find what they are looking for. A covereddog kenneloffers better holding.

Dog Territory Marking

Dog messages:Male dogs lift their leg as high as possible to leave their urine on a certain area so that other dogs are able to smell it. Dogs that want to mark their territory will leave little drops of urine in several strategic places while they are out on their walks, instead of just urinating in one spot and obviously normally the dog owner gets upset when his or her dog stops every few seconds to urinate. When a dog is out on a walk he will usually mark prominent objects, usually right after the dog has carefully smelt the mark left behind by another dog in that same spot.

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