Dog Competition Progress

No practice of dogs is allowed on the course but competitors will be allowed to walk the course without their dogs before the test begins. Before starting the competition the judge will brief the handlers, explaining to them the nature of the competition, standard course time, maximum course time, the way the test will be marked and remind them of the rules.

a) Determining the Standard Course Time (SCT) The speed in meters per second chosen on the course will determine the SCT. The speed chosen will depend on the standard of the competition and the degree of difficulty of the course and the surface the dog has to run on.

The SCT (in seconds) will be determined by dividing the length of the course by the chosen speed (in m/s).

Example: A course is 150 m. long and the chosen speed 2,50 m/s. The SCT will be 60 seconds (150 รท 2.50).

b) Determining the Maximum Course Time (MCT)
In general, the judge will allow the MCT to be twice the SCT – 60 seconds SCT will give a 120 seconds MCT. The MCT should not be less than 1,5 times the SCT.

c) Test progress
The handler will go into the ring and place the dog (sit, down or stand) behind the start line. The dog's lead and collar are taken off. For safety reasons dogs must never wear these while under test. During the test the handler is not allowed to have anything in his hands.

The handler is allowed to position himself anywhere on the course. The handler will start his dog after the judge's signal. The time will start as soon as the dog crosses the start line.

A variety of commands and signals are allowed during the test. The handler must ensure that the dog traverses the obstacles in the correct order without touching the dog or the obstacles. The handler must not negotiate, go under or over, the obstacles. The test is finished and the time stopped when the dog crosses the finish line. The handler puts the dog back on the lead and leaves the ring.

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