Dog Diarrhea

Fluid and frequent feces are not a disease, but the symptoms of one. Therefore, it is important to eliminate the cause.

When the dogs temperature goes above 38.5 degrees Celsius and the animal stops eating and remains lying down, you shouldn't waste any time, instead go immediately to the veterinarian. If for any reason it isn't possible, you should really consider the appropriate measures to solve the situation.Dog Neurosis
When a well-educated dog suddenly starts to dirty the house, but is still very active, you should suspect neurosis. Has there been any change in his family? Is there, perhaps, a new baby in the family, or maybe a visitor has come to stay for a while? Have his sleeping place and/or eating times been changed? Has he been left alone for a long period?

As is natural, you can't get rid of the visitor to remedy the situation, but you can change some other things. What you basically need to do is pay more attention to your dog and only scold him when he has "pooped" in the wrong place.

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