Dog diet basics. Dog Digestion

The diet of domesticated dog, (Canis familiaris) it is classified as mammal included in the order carnivore constituted by wolves, foxes, pandas, weasels, otters, and hyenas and more with a total of some 250 species. All animals have teeth modified to tear or to cut meat and apparatuses digestive to digest large and irregular foods of strong foods. The dog it is tame, maybe for his long relationship with man, one of the less carnivorous types in his metabolic capacity. The same to other mammals, included the human beings, we all need water, an energy, protein, fat, mineral and rich of fiber material, its nutritious necessities are but similar to those of the man.

Dog Digestion

The dog's digestive apparatus is similar to the human and those of the endowed mammals. Lets understand how this works. The dog processeshis meals so fast that it is horrible the way digestion is process in his mouth. In reality, the dog's saliva lacks of the digestive enzymes that is why the digestion of protein is process in the stomach. The massive plastic of food penetrates in several portions inside the thin intestine through a muscular valve contractile. It is here where the fat, protein, and the carbohydrates break down in small molecules passing through the intestinal wall and directly to the blood. The responsible juices for this decomposition take place in the pancreas and by its own intestine. The pancreas produces insulin that regulates the level of glucose in the blood after a meal. The bile that comes from the gall bladder, allows the fat to blend forming tinny drops to facilitate the digestion. Next, the liquid from the intestine goes to the thick intestine where big quantities of water are reabsorbed helping the materials to maintain the equilibrium of the fluids. Then, the semisolid consistency passes to the rectum for its excretion. This process takes about twenty hours in dogs depending the type of diet.

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