Manual of Dog Diseases

Dog Diseases

Our attitude towards
dog diseases

Dog Injuries, Diseases
and Health Problems

Inspection of the dogs mouth cavities

Dog Bites

Taking a dogs temperature

Dog Eye Diseases

Dog pulse frequency

Strange objects in your dogs eye

How to put a suppository on your dog

Canine Entropion and Ectropion

Introduction of liquids for dogs

Dog Distemper

Administering pills for dogs

Dog Cataracts

Administering dog ear drops

Dog mouth and teeth problems

Dog nail trimming

Dog loose teeth

Dog mating and reproduction

Dog gums

Dog in heat

Dog Ulcers

Handling a bitch in heat

Strange objects in the
dog's mouth cavity

Maintaining male dogs away

Dog Eczema

Interrupting your dog's mating
period for a short while

Dog Ear Diseases

Inhibiting the dog mating period

Dog Otitis

Male Dog Castration

Dog Hematoma in the ear

Undesired dog mating

Dog Respiratory Diseases
Canine Bronchitis

A male dog's love life

Canine Pneumonia

Canine tranquilizers or sedatives

Canine Laryngitis

Dog Sterilization

Dog kennel cough

Your dog has a fever

Dog Skin Diseases Fleas

Dog hard pad disease

Dog Lice

Canine Infectious Hepatitis

Dog Scabies

Canine Leptospirosis

Dog Leeches


Dog Skin Pruritus

Canine Parvovirus

Dog hair loss

Dog Prosthetic Problems

Dog Endoparasites
(intestinal worms)

Adhesion of the dog Anus

Dog Tenia or Tapeworm

Dog Gastritis

Dog Diarrhea

Strange objects in your dog's stomach or intestine

Pertinacious diarrhea

Dog renal problems

Mistakes in your dog nutrition

Puppy Intoxications

Dog Constipation

Pesticides around dogs & puppies

Canine Coprostasia
(Pertinacious constipation)

Dog locomotive apparatus problems

Dog tumors and
other tumefactions

Dog Bone fractures

Dog Hernias

Canine hip joint dysplasia

Dog Allergies

Canine Rheumatism

Dog tumors in the internal organs

Teckel paralysis

Dog Nephritis

Dog Behavioral Disorders

Canine Cystitis

Dog Epilepsy

An Aging Dog

Canine Heart Attack

Choosing a Veterinarian

Dog lumbar pain

Veterinarian of big animals

Dog stomach contortion

The dog specialist

Dog False Pregnancy

The official veterinarian

Dog weight gaining

Dog false pregnancy

Dog Pregnancy

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