Dog Ear Care, Eye Care, Teeth Care

Control and care of ears, eyes, teeth and paws are an obligation. Not only because of aesthetics, but also because these contribute to your dog's state of health.
Dog Ear care: Take a look at your dogs ears once a moth after the bath. See if there is any reddening or dirt. Clean the ears with a cloth and baby oil. This should be done by a vet, for if inexperienced hand try and do it, they might cause severe harm. Go to the vet if the ears are too red or if there's any kind of unusual secretion, keep an eye in the dog's expressions too: if the dog twitches or cries, or seems to be uncomfortable with this, there might be something wrong. If the dog scratches too much in this region, or shakes it head it can be because there is a foreign object inside its ear, or because there is an infection.

Dog Eye care: Use tissue paper to clean you dog's eyes, and if it is a bit too difficult, use tissue paper with warm chamomile tea. If the eyes are continuously watering or have a reddish color and the dog keeps scratching them, there might be a bacterial infection that needs to be treated by a vet.

Dog Teeth care: Take a look at your dog's teeth once in a while; periodical care of our dog's teeth will avoid bad smells. See if there is tartar and get it cleaned by a vet. If you give your dog too much soft food, then there will probably be more tartar, so try and balance its diet. Some people also brush their dogs' teeth, with a special tooth paste, given by vets.

Your dog will probably have teeth problems if one of its ancestors is Yorkshire or Shih Tzu. These crossings tend to have problems when changing teeth, if these problems are not treated, all of the teeth will eventually fall off.

Go to the vet if you see your dog has swollen gums or wounds inside the mouth, if it has a broken tooth or if it drools excessively, or with blood, it might be tooth decay.

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