Dog Eating Guidelines & Schedule

Dogs can become animals that eat trash and scavengers. A strict training and an energetic guidance will prevent these conducts. My dog is very demanding with food, can he get bored with the same food every day? There are not enough proofs confirming this, as far as they received a balanced diet there's no reason to worry about. Nevertheless, change the diet sometimes if you wish. Sometimes give him stew instead of canned food. There's no relation between the food you give him and the willful habits of your dog. The root of this problem lies somewhere else.Do you give him candies in between meals? Some dogs realize that his owners, with love or giving him more food, will reward making some grimaces. Stop all additional food between meals. Leave the dish at the usual place for about an hour, and then remove it even if he hasn't eaten. Repeat this procedure for the next meal. The dog will soon notice that he should eat what is given. He won't starve, even if he eats nothing for a couple of days. Be sure the food you give him is attractive, you can add some margarine over the surface of the canned food, and to soak corn flour in sauce, and be sure the dog is not bothered while eating. There are a great number of medical reasons for the loss of appetite. If suddenly your dog refuses to eat, showing some other symptoms like the lack of interest in other activities, like going out to walk, then rush to your veterinary. If your dog plays with the food, specially flour; he may have a teeth pain or a gum infection. Some studies suggest that male dogs are more demanding with food than females, which could come from their wild ancestors, when the dominant male of the pack had preference when swallowing dead animals.

Can I give my dog chocolate?

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