Dog Elimination Contest

Elimination of a dog in contest means that the dog is disqualified and handler and dog must leave the ring as quickly as possible. Elimination must be indicated clearly (whistle, etc.) by the judge.

The judge will deal with all unexpected circumstances and must be consistent at all times.

  • Unseemly behavior towards the judge
  • Harsh handling of the dog
  • Exceeding the Maximum Course Time
  • Three refusals
  • Taking obstacles out of sequence
  • Forgetting to take an obstacle
  • Taking an obstacle in the wrong direction
  • Handler negotiates an obstacle himself, jumps or passes under the obstacle.
  • Handler starts the electronic countdown on the table if a table with electronic timing is used
  • Handler holds something in his hand
  • Replacing the dog at the start after it has crossed the start line (unless instructed by the judge)
  • Dog wearing a collar
  • Stopping on the course (unless instructed by the judge)
  • Dog fouls or leaves the ring or is no longer under control

Force majeure
Under circumstances beyond the handler's control - poles blown down, twisted cloth of the flat tunnel – the judge can stop the handler and, of course, the time.

When the obstacle has been rebuilt, the judge will restart the time and the dog from where it was stopped.

All faults incurred before the dog was stopped will still apply.

Qualification / certificate

In agility tests, the following 'qualifications' will be given:

  • to 5,99 total faults EXCELLENT
  • to 15,99 total faults VERY GOOD
  • 16 to 25,99 total faults GOOD
  • more than 26 total faults NO QUALIFICATION

'Total faults' means: all the faults on the obstacles plus all the time faults

The 'FCI AGILITY CERTIFICATE' will be awarded to dogs having obtained the qualification 'Excellent' 3 times, with clear rounds, under two different judges in Agility 1 competitions.

The following is taken into account to decide places:

  1. Total faults (course + time faults)
  2. In cases where the total faults are the same, then the dog with the least course faults will be placed first
  3. In cases where the total faults and the course faults are the same then the fastest dog will be placed first

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