Dog Epilepsy

In case of epilepsy, dogs usually go on without any treatment, or just a little.

Many dog owners don't pay much attention to acute seizures, with conscience loss for a few seconds, because a few minutes after that everything goes back to normal.However, if you observe a seizure of these characteristics in your dog, you should, at once, go to your veterinarian because every convulsion leads to the loss of neurons in the brain. The veterinarian will prescribe some pills in order to give the dog a longer-lasting treatment which will help avoid seizures, thus letting the dog lead a normal life.

Important: During an acute convulsive seizure, you should let the dog alone because he might bite. Don't call the veterinarian until the dog has completely calmed down.

Strange objects in your dogs mouth
If your dog suddenly moves his head back and forth with no apparent reason and scratches his nose with his foot, he could have a strange object in his mouth.

But you should also consider the possibility of an intoxication. In most cases, it will be possible to remove the object without medical help.

Strange objects in your dogs ear
When the dog has something (twig, spike, straw) in his ear, the symptoms are similar to that of a cerebral attack. You should have the criteria to identify the signs and go to the veterinarian soon, avoiding unnecessary pain to your dog.

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