Dog Equipment

Nowadays there is a wide range of products on the market, from colognes to scarves. Then there are the essential things like collars, leashes, food and water bowls, etc.

If your dog is vulnerable to cold climates, warm him up with a jersey or double-sided blanket. This way you will protect your dog during the tough winter months.

There are a whole bunch of shapes and sizes of beds. You can find ones made of straw, cushioned, roofed, etc.

For small dogs, you can find a small washable cage with a little hatch which can also be used as a bed. If your dog gets used to it, you can perfectly use it to transport him. There are also special travel bags, with a transparent side which allows the dog to see what's going on outside.

In general terms, healthier puppies are more playful and naughtier mischievous. As previously mentioned, sometimes you will find the dog chewing on the chair, scratching the table or wall, etc. So as to avoid these kinds of problems, buy some toys for the dog to chew on and break. That way you avoid ruining your family's furniture, tennis shoes, magazines, etc...

You have to bear in mind that dogs, both puppies and adults, don't distinguish between new pairs of shoes and old ones or between a remote control that works and one that doesn't, so we suggest you avoid -- as much as possible -- giving these types of objects that may confuse the dog. There are toys that are specifically made for dogs and we sincerely recommend you use them in order to avoid future problems. There are some toys that are shaped like a shoe or a steak with quite astonishing resemblances to the real ones or even animal skins with vitamins included that are beneficial for your dog.

When purchasing the necessary equipment, bear in mind that the puppy will grow up and therefore, what you buy will only last for a short while. When buying a collar and a bed, you will have to make sure that they both will last until your puppy becomes an adult dog. Likewise, if you buy combs, brushes or other long-lasting utensils, we recommend you make sure they are of a very good quality.

If what you pretend is to alleviate the dog's mouth pain when teething, we suggest you try with a good piece of hard bread, which your dog will chew on until completely shredding it.

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