Dog Eye Diseases

The dog is an olfactory animal and he orients himself by relying on his keenly developed sense of smell. However, it is in the eyes where we can read his mood and health.Dog Conjunctivitis:If your dog's eyes have turned red overnight, and they're teary and can barely open, we are faced with a case of conjunctivitis. A good and normal appetite, an absence of fever, and a normal behavior will confirm that the inflammation is not that serious. Your dog has probably been exposed to a draft. At "dog height", in other words almost at ground level, there are usually strong currents, even in cozy homes. It is there, precisely, where they like to lie down because this way they can smell the outer world.
Suggestion: With a lit candle you can detect whether there is a draft or not.

Canine Pus-Infected Conjunctivitis: In this pathogenic syndrome, recognizable by its unpleasant pus-infected secretion flowing from the eyes, the eye drops must contain an antibiotic. To begin with, it doesn't matter if you apply drops or salve (Semisolid preparation applied externally as a remedy or for soothing an irritation). The effects of the salve are longer-lasting, but the drops are easier to apply. You will notice the effect in two or three days.

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