Dog Facts and Figures

  • Toysare a great substitute for prey. toys can be turned into hunting objects for dogs to search, chase, and hunt in the grass.
  • Some dogs bury their toys as a way of keeping them safe for the next day.
  • Even when dogs are fed plenty of food every day, a lot of dogs defend food or objects that are valuable to them such as their rawhidebones, treats, or even the foodon their plates.
  • A dog's sense of property tends to begin in a pack when the puppies have to fight between each other to get enough food or save specialthings.
  • The best way to avoid puppies or dogs from fighting it is necessary to the dogs to learn to share. If they are taught this from the moment they are puppies, they will not feel the need to hide their possessions from the rest.
  • Dogs prefer to bury the extra amount of food in private, and if someone else bothers them, they will take the bone elsewhere.
  • A dog's necessity to save leftover food can be a very strong one, and dogs that do not have dirt to dig in will try to dig at the surface with the face, even when they are in an area that has cement or carpet.
  • Dogs that love burying their stuff will bury their toys or other objects if they do not have a bone to bury.
  • Sometimes puppies get rejected by their mothers when they are born by a cesarean and cleaned before they are given them back to the mother after she has recovered from the anesthesia.
  • If people handle or hold a new born puppy too much it can cause the mother to reject them because they no longer smell like her puppies when she gets them back.

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