Dog False Pregnancy - Dog Dropsy - Piometra

Although the female dog exudes milk and her womb gets round, which doesn't always happen, it can be a case of false pregnancy. This state can be very painful. Statistics tell us that around twelve percent of all female dogs suffer this syndrome.To alleviate the pain, and to distract your female dog, you can refresh the reddened and bulging breasts with ice wrapped up in a towel.
The veterinarian can help by administering a hormonal injection; but the definite cure would be castration.

Dog Dropsy
If the dog's womb is bloated but the dog himself is thin, then we are faced with a serious symptom. Everything indicates a womb dropsy (ascitis). At first sight, the animal can seem fat, but the skin folds are very thin, his loins are angled and his womb has a large amount of liquid which makes a splashy noise. This is a very serious affliction and with an unfavorable prognostication, even with the right treatment. Don't waste any time and head for the veterinarian ASAP!

Dog Piometra
In the feared formation of pus in the uterus, medically called piometra, the increase of the corporal perimeter is only one symptom among many others (and it might not even show). If your female dog is increasingly thirsty, vomits occasionally, and has blood fluxes even out of the mating period, then you must consider the possibility of piometra. Female dogs who have never given birth are especially prone. Faced with the suspicion, you should go to the veterinarian as the chances of being cured are higher the sooner you go. In general, the veterinary treatment consists in surgically removing the ovaries and womb.

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