Dog Fear of Thunder Storms

Helping a scared dog: When a dog experiments phobic fear because of storms, thunder or fire works, it is very important to make sure the dog does not escape or run away. Offer your dog protection and a lot of care by talking to him. Speaking to the dog lovingly and rubbing him can help to calm him down as it will help the dog react so he can regain control over himself again. Don't lock the dog up alone; make sure to keep him near you surrounded by the sounds that are causing him to feel scared. Try to distract him by playing with him or giving him a treat he likes. Don't hold him in your arms though as this will just increase his fear. Don't overprotect him; to the contrary, make him feel like what is going on is something completely normal. Another good way to help the dog is to play music. It's possible that the musical stimulationcauses the dog to transcend his emotional limitations, making him come back into contact with himself and gain consciousness and dominion to control his fearful attitude. A dog that has this problem must be exposed gradually to the thing causing him fear until he is finally over it. Desensitizing is a technique that is used to correct fears and anxiety in a peaceful manner. It implies exposing the animal repeatedly to what it is that causes him fear until he no longer fears it anymore. Make sure when getting a puppy to include him into a conditioning of noises, storms and fireworks. One very common mistake dog owners do is grab their puppies in their arms to protect them. Instead of holding them in their arms the dog owner should distract the puppy so he does not pay attention to it. Otherwise the dog owner will be teaching and training the dog toward a fearful behavior which will then lead to bigger problems.

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