Dog Fears & Aggression

There are many cases of dogs that feel and experiment phobic fear during storms or when they hear fireworks. These fears have caused many dog aggressions or dogs to get lost due to the pressure and panic they feel which causes them to run away from their homes disoriented, and it is then difficult for them to find their way back home. A dog that runs away in panic is going through emotional stress. Obviously, not being able to find his way and being alone away from his family causes the dog to stress out even more. Generally these fears have to do with a trauma the dog suffered during early life, causing this to determine his future behavior at the beginning of his development. During this stage puppies experiment abnormal and traumatic things that will possibly cause them to develop an abnormal social behavior. They could become fearful of people, of storms or fire works etc. Everything seems to discomfort them because they have become stereotyped into a frame that does not allow any surprises. Whenever a fire work goes off or a storm occurs, the animal will become affected and he will become more and more uneasy with each firecracker or lightning bolt. The dog's facial expressions and body language will show his nervousness and he will walk from one side of the room to the next getting near his owner and then getting away. You will be able to notice how his body will be arched and he will lower his head from his shoulders, his ears will be back, he will refuse to look at you directly in the eyes and he might even drool a lot. A freaked out dog will have his tail in between his legs, at this stage he will most likely not be able to contain himself anymore and he will try to escape to get away from what is causing him fear. This is an instinctive reaction from animals that feel threatened by something unknown.

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