Dog Feeding Behavior Alterations. Dog Anorexia, Bulimia, Excrement Eating

These are frequent motives of worry. When the dog does not eat or it eats its own droppings, behind the visible manifestations of the alteration there are important hidden illnesses.

Anorexia in Dogs: The primary symptom is that the animal stops feeding itself. It is convenient to discard the physiological causes of this in the first place. Depression and anxiety can provoke the animal to refuse the food. To locate the origin of this type of behavior we have to go back in time.

Bulimia in Dogs: The causes can be the same as in anorexia, even though in this case the animal is in a substitute activity, which is constantly eating. In another case, the animal ingests non-edible materials,such as paper, wood, etc. This alteration appears in the advanced stages of anxiety.

Excrement Eating: The animal eats its own or other animal's feces. The first measure will be to see if the animal suffers from digestive problems. In some cases, this conduct arises with the consequence of an important scolding when the puppy has pooped inside the house. The puppy acquires the custom of making the droppings disappear because it realizes that the owner doesn't like it.

Learning the norms of hygiene is fundamental to prevent this kind of behavior.

The Classification of the Behavioral Upheavals

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