Dog Feeding Guide

Basic guide for feeding a meal to a dog

Ingredients: These are the components of food (meat, fat, dairies, additives, etc), none of these elements should be missing in your dog's menu, but you can always make variations, using your creativity. For example, you can change the types of meat. Do not forget vitamins and minerals, they are really important.
Quantities and Amount: One portion for a healthy grown up dog.

  • Large dogs
    height more than 62 cm
  • Medium Dogs
    height 24-62 cm
  • Small dogs
    Less than 24 cm

Ingredients and Preparation: Preparing a healthy meals is means a bit of hard work. Don't forget that the ingredients have to be in perfect conditions; do not think you can feed an pet rotten food or something along those lines.

Meat: It has to be always cooked and cut into bite size pieces; you can use beef, chicken, lamb and others, but do not give your dog pork! You can vary with liver, heart, etc, but once a week the most.

Our advice: Fish and chicken are excellent for overweight dogs. However be careful there are some dogs breeds which are allergic to fish.

Important: Be careful what kind of beef you buy, quality is always important.

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