Dog First Aid

Steps to follow in Dog first Aid are guided by common sense, and are based on techniques used for humans. The is knowing what to do if the dog is involved in an accident and the owner will have to help him.
How should I carry a dog after a traffic accident? A dog that has been hit by a car will probably be fatigued and painful. Approach him carefully cause he can bite you. You better try to grab him by the neck and put him on a leash, controlling him through a sliding knot. Give a bow in the lower part of the leash by the handle, slide the knot over the head and then squeeze it, making sure, all the time that your hands are out of reach of the dog. Try to carry the dog calmly. Talk to him softly, ant try to calm him down as much as possible. If he is very aggressive, it could be necessary to put him a provisional muzzle. Again make a sliding knot using a belt or a tie. Make a bow over the mouth, very tight, and knot it behind the ears. Be sure it is placed well behind so it cannot slip away. It could be particularly hard to put on a muzzle to small nose breeds. When the dog is lying on the floor, carry him very carefully because he may have very serious internal injuries, and could try to bite you also. If there is a basket available place the dog inside it, and take him immediately to a veterinarian for a complete examination.

What should I do if he is bleeding too much?

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