Dog food diet tips

An active young dog can need double quantity of food that an old dog of the same weight that spends sleeping most of the day. Weight the dogs regularly and watch their meat continuously by adjusting the quantity of food they receives a correct weight will be maintained. It is important to check that all the essential nutrients are given; an eminently vegetarian diet, even with their correct energy substance and enough vitamins and minerals, it can be poor in protein and fat, while a meat diet can easily be lacking in calcium and vitamins.

  1. The indicated quantities are only a GUIDE due to the individual variation
  2. It varies the fat content of some foods, mainly in meats and fresh entrails that can influence a lot in their energy value.
  3. The diets refer to total food of one day, without any crumbs or goodies. A cake, for example, provides 60 kcal.
  4. Supposedly, the dog can only take advantage of 95% of the energy theoretical metabolize of all the foods. This way, all the diets for animals of 9kg are calculated to provide some 735 kcal (95% of 735 similar to 700), for the dogs of 18kg some 1.160 kcal and for the dogs of 29.5 kg some 1.680 kcal

Recipes for Dogs

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