Dog food supplements

The list of diet natural foods that are consumed by dogs are inoffensive if the animal do not ingest them in excess. Some people assure that certain vegetable products as garlic and baby cabbage facilitate the digestion although there is no proven evident to prove this right. The concentrated minerals and vitamins are potentially dangerous unless they are distributed carefully according to the instructions. The cod liver oil is very rich in vitamin A and D. A teaspoon of cod liver oil will provide enough quantity of these substance for one week to a small dog. The mineral supplement should be used with caution due to the high rish of intestinal obstruction under the epigraph "bones". The powdered marine algae contain supplements, besides other properties it will allow to maintain the dog's nose black. The prepared vitamins won't be necessary for a healthy normal dog that receives a balance diet, although they are good for dogs subjected to stress or convalescent.

Recipes for Dogs

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