Dog Games and Breeds

Are there some breeds that like playing more than others? Some are famous for this, like boxers. But they really like playing more or are they more unstable? Generally more exuberant breeds have the tendency to express easily through playing, and are also those that usually lack aggressiveness. Of course, a breed with aggressiveness fame cannot play easily, cause rough games do not last too long.Playing breeds, in any case, know each other. There have been experiments with beagles and fox terriers. The first ones like more to play, and the latter are more aggressive. Beagles look the company of other beagles, and avoid fox terrier with whom, however, have been raised. And fox terriers do the same: avoiding other Fox Terriers!

Our Puppy and Other Animals: The puppy classifies quickly the animal he finds. It may be a friend, a rival, a prey or something unknown to be explored.

Playing with a Friend: With cats take place "fighting games", and specially persecution. If the puppy is used, since his early days, to be with a cat, they'll play together hiding, with the cat running after the dog trying to catch his tail. The game is part of a relation behavior with others. Puppies play very much between them.

Exploration With the Unknown: The puppy trying to turn a turtle upside down is a very known example. He adopts an exploration attitude, hitting it softly with his snout over the caparison. His intention is to calculate potential danger.

Rival fights: The most frequent case is the meeting with other dog in his territory. Both dogs evaluate each other, and the dominant takes the initiative in attack.

Hunting: The bird or rabbit, if the puppy has never seen one of them, represent ideal preys, and hunting positions in front of these species are immediate- If you want your puppy to perfectly understand with another species animal, you must contact them soon. When socialization period ends, the puppy won't easily accept another mate. Though there are exceptions: old dogs, for example, that recover some energy when contacted with a younger animal.

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