Dog Grooming. Tools, Tips, Products, Instructions

Starting from the age of a puppy, dog grooming is the owner duty. It must take care of the dog's hygiene and beauty of his or her dog. This is not only for esthetically reasons, but also for the general health of the dog and of the family members living in the household. It's important to get a dog used to bathing, although you should not bathe a dog that is under the age of seven days. It's also necessary to brush a dog's teeth; this can be done with a special dog toothbrush or a human soft bristled toothbrush. There are special dog toothpaste also that are available in the market (never use human toothpaste though). Another important grooming factor is to check the dog's ears; this can be done while you are brushing your dog's coat.

A dog's coat: When you are considering acquiring a dog, there are some important suggestions to keep in mind before deciding:

  • How much space you have in the house
  • How much hair the dog sheds
  • How much maintenance is required for that specific breed

Let's suppose that you live in a small apartment; a medium sized dog, or a big dog that has long hair and that sheds a lot during shedding season, can turn into a very big problem. Therefore, it's important to evaluate these aspects before choosing:

  • Small breeds that do not have shedding problems: Pekingese, Chihuahuas, Pomeranians
  • Small and medium sized breeds that require coat grooming: toy dogs, Bichon frise, Maltese, Shih tzu, Yorkshire Terrier, Cocker. All of these require grooming and maintenance of their coats at least twice a month. This job can be done either by the owner or by a professional animal groomer.
  • Medium sized breeds that do not have shedding problems: Doberman, Rottweiler, Pointer, Greyhound.
  • Medium sized breeds that require special coat grooming: Setter, German Shepherd, Collie, English Sheepdog, Afghan Hound, Schnauzer, Airedale, Fox Terrier and Siberian.

If you own a puppy, the hair on his coat will change depending on his age and time of the year. This is when the characteristics of his predominant breed will show. A dog's coat must always be shiny and strong because this is a signal of good health and shows that he is eating properly.

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