Dog Grooming Styles; Cost and Price.

The owner must let their groomer know if the dog is going to go to a confirmation exam etc, so as to avoid any mix ups and misunderstandings. A dog that is involved in a contest for example has to be groomed in a certain way and have a certain hairstyle etc, a good example of this is a Bichon Frise that must have it's hair looking almost natural, perfectly clean, without knots in it; You will need to tell the dog groomer beforehand as there are very common and sophisticated hairstyles for these dogs in many different countries that a dog groomer will automatically do if not told contrary or specifically. Most dog groomers have learned very specific and exclusive types of commercialhaircuts and many times these hair styles differ from those required for dog expositions. Depending on the type of grooming style you want for your dog's hair, is what you will need to make sure to tell the dog groomer and also that knows how to cut it that specific way. If you are not sure how what directions and indications to give to the dog groomer, try to get the hold of the dog breeder you got your dog from so that he can give you exact and clear indications on how to go about it. (Dog breeders often times groom their dog themselves.)

Dog grooming prices: The cost of getting your dog groomed varies a lot depending on the place and depending on where you live. Generally though, doing this in the city is more expensive. There are excellent dog groomers that will do a fantastic job at a low price, and there are others that are mediocre, that charge a large amount because of the area they work in or the competition around them. Keep in mind that prices vary depending on the type of grooming you want for your dog.

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