Dog Hair Care

As you may imagine, different dogs have different dog hair care needs. Dogs have different types of hair, some dogs don't shed but their hair continues growing such as is the case of poodles. Other dog's hair dies but it does not fall out right away and require for the owner to brush it to remove it and to leave space for new hair to grow. The different characteristics of a dog's hair have given place to different types of treatments. These treatments include getting rid of hair that sheds, shaving, cutting the dog's hair with scissors and trimming. Each type of technique has as an objective to enhance the beauty of the dog's hair as well as regenerate it. It's important to keep in mind that each dog needs a different type of grooming and care and doing something different on a dog can actually turn into a real mess. Forexample, there are dogs that need to get their hair shaved or cut with scissors such as poodles, whereas there are others such as fox terriers, that if cut in the same way will cause the dog's hair to become fuzzy, dull and weak. These types of dogs need a different type of treatment so that their hair stays shiny, vigorous and healthy.

The best option of course is to talk to your veterinarian about and ask him or her which type of hair your dog has and how you can keep it as healthy as possible. Remember that there are many things that us dog owners can do, but that it is always best to continue going to a professional dog groomer and to consult about the different types of shampoos you can use on your dog, as well as what to avoid so as to ensure your dog's coat and hair stay healthy and in good physical shape.

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