Dog Haircutting with an Electric Grooming Trimmer

Start out by greasing the blades of the electric trimmer. Next, place the appropriate blade on the electric trimmer and turn it on. Don't worry if some of the oil from the blade gets on the dog since you will need to bathe him afterwards anyway.Place the electric trimmer flat over the dog's skin and slowly make your way cutting in the direction of the hair, try as much as possible to do this straight.

Just the same way you would cut the lawn you will need to work parallel. Try to cut it right the first time so that you do not have to go over that same area over and over again. You can start out by cutting the hair on the dog's face and throat, followed by the neck, back, bottom area, sides, and stomach, then go up towards the chest, end with the legs and paws (this is more easy to do when the dog is standing and when his legs are extended). There are certain areas that need to be cut very evenly such as the face and throat, or as in the case of poodles, the abdomen, thighs, and certain parts of the legs; in all of these cases you will need to cut against the hair. In the case of the dog's paws you will need to use a special narrow blade. Be very careful to not cut in between the dog's paws. Start by cutting when the nail grows and then go up against the hair on each paw. If you are not too sure about this procedure, just use the electric machine and touch it up with scissors.

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