Dog has Fever Symptom. Infectious diseases and vaccines

Infectious diseases and vaccines: For a dog owner it will undoubtedly difficult to distinguish between different infectious diseases; however, it is important to know the typical infections because, on one hand, there is a big lack of information and, on the other, a good amount of new scientific data offers us better possibilities of curing and, what is best, of preventing such diseases.

Dog Distemper: Distemper mostly affects young dogs, although older dogs can also get it. Dogs who are weakened by parasitical infections, other sicknesses or worries. It is caused by an insidiously behaved virus. The diseases is declared 3 to 3 days after contagion. In the beginning, it canĀ“t be differentiated from a common cold. Apparently, the cure for distemper is easy and quick, which comes along with a second appearance of fever. After the virus, certain bacteria colonize a previously damaged organ. The organ could be the lungs (Lung Distemper), the intestinal conduct (Digestive Distemper), or the eyes (Ocular Distemper). In whichever case, your veterinarian ought to treat it seriously as it is not an easy fight. You, the owner, need to help by taking good care of your dog. Directly linked to the second appearance of the disease, or a couple of weeks later, there can appear the feared "Neurological Distemper", which we can not go into detail yet but is the most frequent cause of canine epilepsy.
Important: If your dogs has red eyes, has a runny nose, and seems lackadaisical, unwilling or without appetite, turn to your veterinarian. Do not fall into the temptation of treating him yourself!!

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