Dog Health Care

It is absolutely important that we keep our dog in perfect health conditions. The first thing dog health care issue we should worry about is to find a good veterinarian, someone who will take care of the dog during its whole life in terms of vaccination, nutrition, pregnancy and all the problems the dog, male or female, may have along its life.

Then we must make sure that the vaccination schedule is successfully fulfilled. You veterinarian guide on that for sure. The most common dog problems faced by dog owners are Canine Distemper, Canine Hepatitis, Parvo Virus Infection, Leptospirosis, for Influenza and Rabies ordog teeth cleaning. As well as bloat, skin allergies, ear infections and heat strokes.

General Dog Health Care Advices

  • Get your dog vaccinated as indicated by the doctor.
  • Wait until the veterinarian gives you the "green light" to take your puppy out of the house for walks and interaction with other dogs.
  • Visit your dog's veterinarian regularly and keep him/her informed about any health problem your dog may have.
  • Give your dog the appropriate amount of food recommended by the veterinarian to keep it in good shape, but no more than that.
  • Make sure your dog will always have fresh drinking water available.
  • Do not give people's food to your dog because it can be too greasy.
  • Let your dog exercise enough. At least once a day for 30 minutes.
  • Provide your dog with chewing toys and bones so it will keep its teeth clean and in good conditions.
  • When showering your dog at home or playing with water, don't let water to get through the dog's ears because it can cause an infection.
  • Don't shower your dog too often in order to prevent any kind of skin allergy caused by the cleaning products.
  • Have fleas and ticks under control.
  • Love your dog as much as you can and always keep an eye on it.

Dog Health Insurance

There are companies that offer different types of health insurance for dogs, so maybe you should consider getting one for your dog. They can be specially useful when your dog has an accident, illness or any kind of serious problem which treatment you can not afford. These companies normally work with a reimbursement policy, so you wouldn't be obliged to take your dog to some doctor you have never heard about. You can continue visiting the veterinarian you trust the most. So if you are willing to give this option a go, do some searching and look for the best option available near you.

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