Dog Health Certificate: Sanitary Certificates

The person that sells you a dog must always give you the sanitary, dog health certificate and vaccination certificates, with the respective dates, and deworming. Normally the first deworming against ascarides (round worms very frequent in puppies) takes place around 20 days, and is followed by two or three fortnight repetitions.The first vaccine against distemper, leptospirosis, hepatitis and parvovirus, will be, more or less, at eight weeks (before will be useless cause the puppy has the protection of the mother's antibodies). Vaccination must be repeated when the puppy is 12 weeks old, and then the next year. At present, breeders use polivalent vaccines (against distemper, hepatitis, leptovirosis, parvovirus), though some veterinarians still use two different vaccines (one against parvovirus, and other against the rest of diseases).

Important: Until the vaccine cycle is not complete, the puppy must not go out of your house, or have contact with other dogs (unless we know these animals and know they are healthy), cause they could get infected with diseases.

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