Dog Heart Attacks or Disease

Are dog heart attacks frequent in older dogs? They rarely die of a coronary thrombosis (where blood clots obstruct lungs arteries that nurture the heart) Likewise, grease deposits in the circulatory system are not frequent. However, heart diseases in older dogs is very common, and are related to the valve structure of this vital organ. The four cavities of the heart are separated by valves, and the left side is more prone to attacks.The mitral valve becomes thicker, impeding blood to go out of the heart as usual. The real symptoms of a vale disturbance vary. When the mitral valve is affected, the dog coughed frequently, and becoming tired quickly when going for a walk. In case of the right side, the tricuspide valve is affected. Fluid in the tissues increases as a consequence of a major pressure in the blood circulatory system that cannot enter into the heart as usual. Organs like spleen and liver are also congested with blood and increase their size. If both valves fail, a combination of symptoms will take place. Once the disease has been diagnosed, it can be stabilized with drugs, and should notice some relief in your dog. The cardiac glycosides, of which the digital is most known, control the cardiac rate. Delaying its rhythm and improving contractibility, increases cardiac production. Diuretic drugs take away excessive fluids, and sodium salt from the blood, through lungs; therefore pressure on heart decreases. The initial dose of drugs will be higher than those needed for maintenance, which will have to be given to him for the rest of his life, specially if he is seriously ill. This treatment can cause intoxication symptoms like vomiting.

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