Dog Heat Stroke

Dog heat stroke: There are two basic types of heat stroke that a dog can suffer. One is from to much exposure to direct sun (sun stroke) and the other is heat stroke brought on by becoming overheated in a sealed off area, such as a car with all the windows rolled up. While both appear similar there are some important differences in the symptoms that your dog will have when suffering the affects of the heat stroke or sunstroke. The cause also has a direct effect on the treatment procedures. The symptoms of a dog that has been overexposed to the Sun are hot and dry skin and the dog will be nauseous, dizzy, or weak. Often the first obvious signs of sun-induced heat stroke are: collapse, unconsciousness, rapid heavy breathing and a fastpulse. The dog can also suffer from convulsions. If your dog is suffering sunstroke take it out of the direct sun and into a shaded cool area. Lay your dog on its side and cool it by pouring large amounts of cold water over it. When your dog recovers consciousness give it some cold water to drink mixed with a little salt (one tablespoon of salt to one liter of water). Do not give your dog any hot to drinks, stimulants or alcoholic beverages. If your dog is suffering heat stroke because of over heating in an enclosed area (a car standing under the midday Sun with no open windows) it will have lost a large amount of body fluids and salts. A dog experiencing heat stroke will have: dilated pupils, a fast and weak pulse, clammy cold skin and muscle cramps.
The dog should be placed in an open area with cool fresh air.
If conscious give the dog large amounts of warm water mixed with salt (ΒΌ teaspoon of salt per glass of water).
You can also use ice to help cool down the dogs body temperature but be careful not to over do it. Seek immediate medical attention.

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