Dog House-Training Problems

If your dog does have an accident and leaves a nasty mess on your couch, carpet, or floor, make sure to clean it up very carefully with disinfectant; the reason for this is because puppy's naturally always go back to the same place to do their needs again because their smell has been left impregnated on that spot. Make sure to not clean it up in front of the puppy though, because the puppy will just think that it's a game.
Make sure that when your puppy does do his needs in his assigned spot, to praise him and compliment him. This way the puppy will associate that something good come out of doing his needs in that specific place.
If he has an accident and does it in the wrong place reprimand him, but only if you actually catch him in the act, however it's important you don't hit him. Hitting will just cause the opposite effect and it will make the dog become frightened and the consequences will be negative and very difficult to deal with later on. Finally remember that during the first few months of a puppy's life he may sometimes have small pee accidents because he is probably scarred of the new surroundings (especially when he is just getting to know you and your family). The most important thing is to be patient because these things go away with time.

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