Dog Human Relationship

Dog's best friend: You can notice a great dog human relationship and when a dog knows his owner well by the way he interacts with him or her. If a dog loves being around his owner, it means he was treated with a lot of care and affection when he was a puppy and this same type of behavior is present even in adult hood. A dog that has a "smiley face", relaxed eyes and ears, is obviously showing signs of pleasure. Another signal dogs do to show they are excited and happy is by hanging their tongue out of their mouth and wagging their tails.

Don't get too close: When a dog is being pet and cuddled, if he gets up, turns and shows his behind to his owner, it is a clear signal of "Ok, that's enough". Dogs often times do this when the situation turns into somethingtoo intense and when they want to have a certain distance between their head and their owners. This type of position is a lot more comfortable for the dog. Another signal of excitement is when a dog wraps his tail around the owner's leg or arm.

There you are! Dogs naturally feel excited when they see someone they know. Their eyes seem to have a kind look to them, their mouth and ears retract and their tails wag almost violently. Dogs that greet people wag their tails from one side to the next forming a big arch with them. A lot of people recognize this type of greeting from dogs (especially the owners of the dogs) even when the dog's mouth is open and his teeth are showing. However, if a person is not familiar with this type of greeting, it can be mistakenly interpreted as a sign of aggression and even more so if the dog goes running up to them. Whenever a dog's favorite person comes near him, the dog lifts one of his legs in anticipation. The dog will have a kind expression on his face that is rare for a human to misinterpret. If the dog is an active one, such as a Dalmatian, the dog will probably go running toward the owner and run into him or her to get the attention he seeks and to get pet until the excitement and energy he feels gradually calms down.

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