Dog hunters and scavengers

Dog hunters and scavengers: In the wild, dogs use three types of strategies to find enough food to satisfy their needs. They either hunt bigger sized prey in group, or smaller prey if alone or they also look for leftover food of dead animals. The strategy they choose to use depends on the situation they find themselves in, but their genetic structure has equipped them with instincts and capabilities that allow them to carry out any of these three methods. Group hunting is the best option for dogs if there are several of them, while searching for leftovers of dead animals can be a better strategy if they live near humans that produce waste. Most domesticated animals obtain food from their owner, which is served to them in a bowl once or twice a day, and because of this they do not need to worry about their food. Because of this factor, human beings tend to think that dogs do not have the need to hunt or rumple around in the trash, and they usually punish them when this happens. However, until we are able to breed dogs that no longer have it in their genes to hunt, dogs will continue on with their natural instincts and desire to hunt.

All dogs need exercise: Some dogs are less active and agile than others such as basset hounds. Because of their short legs, heavy bodies and the excessive amount of skin they have it is difficult for them to jump around and play as much as they would probably like to. However, this does not mean that they do not need exercise and there are many types of games you can play with these types of dogs to help burn off the extra energy they accumulate. The amount of time you spend playing with these breeds will probably be briefer but non the less it is still necessary.

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