DOG HUNTING SUPPLIES. Cheap Hunting Dog Training Supply

If you own a hunting dog, then you should really think about getting the necessary implements and supplies to ensure yourself and your dog a nice and safe hunting time. Here are some considerations you should take:

  • Provide your dog with an appropriate collar and lead, you may even want to personalize the dog's collar, with the dog's name as well as your own name, address and phone number, just in case it gets lost by any chance.
  • To prevent your dog from getting lost, you can get a dog tracker, a collar bell, a lanyard or a dog whisle.
  • If you are taking your dog into a very dangerous area, consider buying a dog vest and/or foot care implements, such as dog boots, so you will make sure the dog won't get hurt on the way.
  • Buying cheap training scents is a good way of training your dog. You can begin by putting a few drops of these scents (pheasant, grouse, quail, duck, etc.) on the dummies and improve your dogs capability to recognize these smells.
  • The dog dummies can be made out of soft plastic, canvas, nylon, etc. They are available in many colors and with different types of grip.
  • For the throwing dummy training you should also get a training pistol so you make sure the dog will associate the sound of the pistol with the task it is expected to fulfill.
  • Another option, instead of the dummies is to get dead fowl trainers. They will teach your dog how manage a dead bird in a propper way by simulating the bird's precise look, weight, movements and stuff.
  • Having your dog trained on barking would also be a good idea, for that, you can get your dog a no barking training collar.
  • As for the vests, you can get floating vests, hunting vests, tummy protection vests, among others.
  • Other hunting supplies and accessories you can find on the market are: launchers, filed training aids and resources, such as videos and books, pigeon traps and holders harnesses, etc.
Remember, if you are not sure about how to train a hunting dog, you can always find training videos and dvd's available in the stores. Make some searching and investigation with these videos before you take your dog with you on a hunting adventure, so neither you or your dog will increase their chances to get hurt on the attempt.

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