Dog Hunting Training Tips. Dog Obstacle Course

For a wild dog to have success at hunting it's better if the prey is not able to detect the dog's presence until the very last moment but for animals that have a strong smell to them, it is not an easy task. For this, a greatDog Hunting Training Tip is to cover the dog with a substance that has a penetrating odor that is in their surroundings. One thing that dogs often times do is cover their face in another animals excrement, although disgusting to a dog owner, a lot of dogs do it to either to find out about the dog that left his offerings in that place or to cover his own smell. Some hunting dogs to go such extremes as to actually roll around in another dogs feces and many times other dogs will want in on the fun too. To them it is an exotic perfume. Obviously to a human's nose these particular smells are repugnant. If your dog does this, he is not an abnormal freak; your best bet is to just bathe him as soon as you get home. He will do the same again though unless you train and teach him not to.

Dog Obstacle Course

There are many different types of dog obstacle courses you can set up for active dogs which are stimulating and fun for them. Some dog owners set up obstacle course for their dogs that consist of making the dog jump over them and this type of training works the dog's agility and capacity to obey. The consequence of these types of games causes a dog to be relaxed and happy. There are some dogs that are rambunctious and never seem to get tired and life with them is a lot easier and enjoyable if the owner allows them the possibility to play and exercise more.


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